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Welcome, Comrades!

You’re pretty good…so join us in the fight as Sons of The Boss devour fallen enemies in Metal Gear Online 3. This is the official webpage for the Sons of The Boss clan.

We are a clan that is preparing for battle in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on the PlayStation 4. We are a hardcore Metal Gear Solid/Metal Gear Online clan with exceptionally skilled players from a multitude of countries that expand across the world. An extensive amount of our members rank among the Top Thirty on the Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes leaderboards. We are more than just pretty graphics on a webpage; we take initiative and action when it comes to being the deadliest clan that one will come across on the battlefield. Sons of The Boss plan to dominate Metal Gear Online 3 by using teamwork, tactics, stealth, determination, and every kind of unique skill that each individual possess to conquer our enemies. We take this seriously, but we also know how to have fun with each other. Everyone in Sons of The Boss is friendly, and we plan to succeed in our endeavors in the Metal Gear Online universe. We all have a passion that runs deep within us for the entire Metal Gear Solid series.

Do you have what it takes to be a part of Sons of The Boss? Sons of The Boss wants YOU. We are currently recruiting legendary soldiers because we want to be the top players, so if you are as hardcore as we are when it comes to Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Online, then hop on board and show us your skills and abilities; join us, brothers and sisters. We may be Sons of The Boss, but daughters are welcome.

To apply to Sons of The Boss, there is a link on the left-hand side of this page. Become a Son of The Boss today!

If you have any questions pertaining to Sons of The Boss, you may message the General: Solid_Snake0089 on PSN or through this website.

"In The End, one has to choose whether they are going to live as a soldier and fight as a Son of The Boss or simply be another man with a gun."

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