Must Read For All New Members


Here's everything summarized so all you new members out there won't need to get yourselves worked up.          (^-^)

Let's first talk about Ranks!

You first start off as a private, this rank is temporary it's there to see if you got the guts to be in SOTB.

Corporal is above private, here you are a official member of SOTB that being said you get more privileges such as being able to post in the gallery and to reply and create in some forums. Oh this also goes for Seargeant and Lieutenant so I'll just skip to...


Once you are a captain you are officially a officer, Captains and above are able to check the promotions forums and more! Also you have the same privelleges on the previous ranks also they can invite and accept people who would like to join.


A major has the same privelleges as Captain, you could also give a opinion if someone should join or not if you are a major plus you could give people rewards :)


A colonel could do nearly everything including kicking or banning but only a group of Colonels could do this. You could add a homepage song and also decorate the homepage.


No one is able to be a General. There is only one General and that is...the legendary Solid_Snake0089! He'll do his best to keep this clan in shape and up n running!


Okay that's all for ranks explained phew that was a lot! xD

Lets talk about a app called Kik.

This is a messaging app, we use this for the clan chat.

There are two clan chats actually and they are: SOTB Clan Chat and SOTB Spoiler Clan Chat.

If you finished story mode you should join the Spoiler Clan Chat but this doesn't mean you will only use that chat, you must use the SOTB Clan Chat where you cannot say any spoilers at all.

Rules: No racism, no spam, no threats and don't talk much about beliefs and finally no insults to anyone in the clan.

Kik: Epic_guy321 but I'm referred to as Moe.

Ill add you to the chat if you want :D

Threads you gotta reply to:

Clan Deployment Times, PSN names so you could add your PSN and Timezones.

Note: Everything under SOTB Clan Information is important.


Well that's it, here's everything you need to know if you are a newbie. I hope you have a wonderful stay in SOTB and have fun!


Don't forget to like us on Google and Facebook down in the homepage :D

One last thing, you should also send a application to our MGO Forums page.








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Thanks Moe a really good thread for new members to read and find their bearings :)

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