Hey guys!

Please post your favourite song to play out of the chopper when entering/exiting missions.

My favourite at first was "ride if the Valkyries" it just has such an epic feeling. 


Though as as I progressed I've favoured "Love will tear us apart" 

i hope they add more songs in time it feels light it's lacking when compared MGS 4. 




Ride of the Valkyries the original Army Chopper Music and still the best IMO

UKKuhl AKA Howling Bengal

I agree SsnipergoatT, the music does seem a bit lacking when you look at MGS4. But my favorite music/one I use for the chopper is Maneater, it's so catchy :) but Ride of the Valkyries is definitely a close second.  



That my friend is my favourite Heli song :D


 i like billy idol rebel yell its my favorite when coming to to just cause chaos

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