In TPP you could use lethal and non lethal weapons.

I use a assault rifle named UN-ARC-NL which has rubber bullets. My secondary is a tranq gun.

What loadout do you use the most? Comment down                                                                                     


Weapon wise I use the starter guns

Silenced SMG and Tranq gun

Primary number 2 Missile rocket launcher FBMR I think is it's name 

Secondry number 2 Stun Arm

Equip and items maybe be spoilers but I'll say C4,Traps (always put 6 out every mission for animals=cash) and Bait.

UKKuhl AKA Howling Bengal

My go-to class setup:

Primary=AM MRS-4 Rifle | Primary 2=Nothing

Secondary=Tranquilizer gun | Secondary 2=Stun arm

Equipment/Items= C. Box, C4, Magazine, Hand Grenade, Phantom Cigar, NVG

Buddy=D-Horse (Because he is my favorite mode of transport and actually listens to me unlike D-Dog)

Uniform=Sneaking suit

*This setup may change since I am not that far in the game 


Primary = AM MRS-4 SILENCED + M200 NL sniper

Secondary = Tranq. gun + Hand of jehuty

Equipment/Items = c4, box, cigar, smoke, sleep, net mine

Buddy = d dog 

Uniform = Sneaking suit

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No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em