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Hey brothers and sisters, here's the latest news.

To celebrate the launch of MGS V The Phantom Pain we will be having a contest. To be more specific an Emblem Contest.  Who ever designs the best emblem in TPP will get to have there emblem become the Official Emblem of Sons Of The Boss. Members can then put that emblem on there mother base so any intruders will know they are dealing with a "Son or Daughter of the boss" 

How does the contest work?

All you have to do is take a screenshot of the Emblem that you design and put it in the Gallery named "SOTB TPP Emblem Contest" which is found in the Gallerys. Just make sure you name your Emblem and give a brief description on how you crafted it so if its the winner other members can copy it and use it. 

Any rules?

Just make sure your Emblem has something to do with the Boss since we are the Sons Of The Boss. Use your imagination, I am sure there are plenty of ways to create an Emblem that shows we honour the Boss, our mother, but if you can put Sons Of The Boss on it then that would be perfect.

How do we know which Emblem wins and when?

We will have a special poll on the 5th of October were everyone will be allowed to give a vote on which Emblem they think should be our official in game SOTB Emblem. If for some reason you are unhappy with the one you created and uploaded to the Gallerys, you can change it for a different one before the contest takes place.

Other News:

Feel free to upload screenshots of your TPP gameplay to the Gallerys. For at least a month only upload "NON SPOILER RELATED SCREENSHOTS"

October 6th is the day MGO launches and the day we leave our mark on the Mgs world. I will hopefully be renting a MGO server if that's possible were we can have practice sessions and organize clan matches etc.

We will be putting up a new countdown timer soon that will show a timer for the MGO launch date and we will possibly add music to the website.

I will be organizing Clan Partys on PSN every weekend so watch out for news on those. We have two kik chats now. One for members who wish to not see any spoiler related content and for members who don't mind or maybe have finished the story. You can join both or one. Captain Towernut is admin of the Spoiler free chat so msg him if you want to be included. All though when all our members are finished the story we will revert to just one kik chat.

Also, just click reply under this news article if you would like to comment on any of this. That's all folks, thanks for reading and enjoy your MGS5 experience :) 

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Thanks Snake, will definitely be entering the Emblem competition :) I'll do my best although I'm not very artistic. I'm sure everyone will make nice emblems for SOTB


I have "The Sons" unlocked ,I'm prettty sure this was for clearing an Out post in Afghan quite early on ,As Soon as I unlock "The Boss" I will try to note down location ,I'm pretty sure It's out there as every character seems to be even the more obscure like "Drebin" etc.


We may need longer than 2 weeks for people to unlock a few emblems (backgrounds etc).


I should be around for the PSN chats this weekend.

UKKuhl AKA Howling Bengal

Gl for the contest then.


Ya I'm giving everyone till the 5th of October so hopefully that's enough time. I also updated the news as well, as long as an Emblem has at least something to do with the Boss its fine, but obviously if you can write Sons Of The Boss on it that would be perfect


We think "The Sons" is unlocked with heroism very/quite early on depending on how much you play.

The 2 times that I know of that unlocked "The Sons" (Hikarinyan and I) were both clearing outposts in Afghan but we think it is still down to Heroism.

If any one else sees where it unlocks or even "The Boss" unlock please share here.

UKKuhl AKA Howling Bengal

"The Boss" doesnt exist in "word" for custom emblem. But there's a "Boss". Will not spoil wich mission you can unlock it.

You can unlock "The" as a word tho, you need 150 000 heroism points for that.

"Sons of" word is unlocked when you capture Da Wialo Kallai (Afghan map outposts)


You're welcome. PM me on ps4 if you want to know how you unlock a word/emblem.


So Farz it's not possible to Have "sons of" and "The Boss"?


It would have to be "Sons of Boss " or "The Boss"?

UKKuhl AKA Howling Bengal

Indeed since there's no "The Boss" as a "word". Maybe there's a trick to put "The" as free but Idk.


Having SB with a design that shows something to do with the boss would be cool as well. SB for short 


Someone please make a funny/comedic emblem that meets the requirements above (has to do with The Boss). I just want our emblem to have some comedy to it :) 

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